April 2015 NFAS Open

Loyal attendees at High Cross Open's over the years will have been shocked that it didn' t rain on Sunday -- an oversight that we will try and fix for the next one ;-)

Wewere very pleased with the turnout and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves, and felt suitably challenged on our 'new and improved' figure-of-eight course. We have to thank the landowner Mrs Hamilton and Jamie the Gamekeeper (who took part on the day), for allowing us to use the top, pine woods area, in which to site the 3ds - for one day only, as it is very much a working 'game' woodland. This allowed for quite a contrast with our usual deciduous woodland area, laid-out with paper faces -- and yes some of them were quite small, but that just made it more interesting! Finger's crossed that we are allowed to lay a similar loop again next time.
Even with higher numbers attending the larger course allowed for a good flow between targets and - from a marshall's perspective - it seemed a quite leisurely paced day. 


You can see the day's results here.

Thank you very much to everyone who came along to shoot and we hope to see you again next year:

* please note the second shoot in the NFAS calendar for June this year is definitely cancelled.

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