Visitors and Membership Information .


We are sorry but  there is no facility for non-NFAS members to visit High Cross Field Archers

NFAS members are welcome and can arrange to shoot by contacting the club officers.




The club  welcomes inquiries about membership from existing NFAS & potential new members.


We insist you join NFAS which will then cover public liabilities insurance; members also agree to the club objectives, rules of shooting and etiquette. When you join NFAS you can state the club to which you belong, you can say High Cross on the NFAS form if you wish and then when you get the confirmation back from NFAS send us your application form along with the current membership fee. Some NFAS members may if they wish belong to more than one club.


Our membership year runs from 1st January in each year but NFAS membership runs from April to April. We have to do this for insurance purposes.


New members of  High Cross are enrolled as provisional members. Members must join NFAS, whose regulations allow you to  shoot with us under NFAS insurance and rules.  As soon as we are of the opinion that you are competent and safe, club officers may sign you off as a full NFAS member, this allows you to attend Open NFAS shoots country wide.


Members regularly attend NFAS shoots at other clubs and National competitions. We try to arrange car sharing as much as possible to help with costs and cut down on fuel use. To find out what shoots are on follow the link .


Further advice and many tips can be gained from current members, some of whom make traditional equipment.





Objectives of High Cross Field Archery Club



To foster and promote the sport and enjoyment of field archery under the guiding principles and rules of the National Field Archery Society.


In order to do this members will endeavour to organise and arrange two open field shoots per year for members of the society to attend. The membership believes that in order to enjoy the sport fully members may wish to attend open shoots arranged and organised by other affiliated clubs. Therefore it follows that members of the club should honourably organise such shoots themselves when ever practicable for the enjoyment of other members of the society.


The membership believes that it is essential for the furtherance of the sport to support the affiliated clubs organise and arrange such shoots.


The club will seek to reach a suitable agreement with landowners to organise arrange and utilise such land as the landowners permit for the furtherance of the clubs objectives.






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